Monday, April 26, 2010

Fuck You, Arizona

This country was built on the drive and moxie of those self-selecting few who got off their asses, came here and tried to better themselves and their families. When my Scottish and Welch ancestors packed it in and made the long perilous journey to America in the 1830s, they left everything behind because the opportunity for freedom – economic, religious, political and personal – was worth the complete upheaval in their lives. The same holds true today for those poor benighted souls, trapped in corrupt, lawless and obscenely poor conditions south of the border, coming to America today.

The new immigration law in Arizona is just the latest in a long line of racist, xenophobic and hateful crap the Government has thrown in the way of legal immigration.

“Why can’t they come here legally, just like my grandpa did?” Well, the US immigration policy isn’t like it was in the old days. Download and take a look at this graphic, which details the obscene barriers that our criminal politicians have erected over the years to keep these poor folk from pursuing their dreams, pursuing the same freedom these self-same morons pay lip service to daily from their corrupt perches in Congress.

As a libertarian, I think the US should have an open-border policy – come here, work five years, take a test and you’re a citizen. That’s the way your forefathers did it, and doubt if anyone today regrets their grandparents’ decision to come here or the ease with which they were able to become citizens. Go check out the little hovels your ancestors came from, and tell me if you prefer that they’d been denied the opportunity to come here.

America is becoming a close-minded nation of the well-to-do eager to deny others the same opportunities that this nation afforded their ancestors. We need the energy, verve and work ethic of immigrants willing to come here and work for their own betterment. Their spirit and drive are vital to this nation.