Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still Not TOS

I’ve finally started watching “Star Trek: Enterprise,” and it’s not as bad as everyone said it was. Scott Bakula is always cool, and Jolene Blalock is hot in a Vulcan kind of way. There aren’t any lovable characters in it, though, and the dialog is the usual Berman and Braga crap. But I like the small, primitive nature of the ship, and it looks like an expensive production – those Xindi outfits with the Slinky wires all over them must have cost a fortune. And my favorite character, strangely enough, is the Andoran Commander Shran, kind of a cerulean Frank Borman. Cool guy - wouldn't mind having a drink with him sometime. My only gripe right now is that I sat through the entire third season – the whole season-long Xindi arc with the attack on Earth, the warring Xindi factions, the transdimensional beings, the anomalies, the whole damn thing – and the final episode didn’t record because my dogs chose that moment to chew through the FiOS cable. So the first episode of season four comes on, and all of a sudden the ship is orbiting Earth in the year 1944 while alien Nazis sit in the White House and we’re stuck in some kind of temporal war. What the hell did I miss? And don’t these folks ever get shore leave on some nice quiet planet? (And don’t even get me started on what a lazy crutch time travel is in “Star Trek.”)

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